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About us

The vision for Native began in 2017 in New York City while co-founders, Sarah Sanders and Frank Pica, were consulting for an early stage agtech startup. Recognizing the rapid growth in consumer demand for quality, traceable products, they realized there would need to be a massive digital transformation in order to meet this rising demand. 

Meet the Team

Frank Pica
Co-founder & CEO

Frank is a founding member of two companies that developed artificial intelligence products. As Director at LockerDome, he assisted with fundraising, started the company’s New York City office, and guided the company through a pivot that resulted in hockey stick growth. He went on to lead a US expansion for Adyoulike, a market leading advertising technology platform in Europe that uses artificial intelligence to improve the return-on...

Sarah Sanders
Co-founder & COO

Sarah was an early employee at two tech companies that have gone to achieve $1B+ valuations during critical growth stages. She held strategic roles in investor relations working as the right hand to CEO of Rubicon Global, Nate Morris, during the Series B & Series C rounds of fundraising totaling nearly $100M. She was later the leader of the sales recruiting team at Rubicon where the SMB and Mid-marketing sales teams were built from scratch to 70...

Mike Jackson

Mike wrote his first software application at the age of 6.  With more than 20 years working professionally in software design and development, he has experience in more than a dozen languages deploying polyglot solutions in countries all over the world.  Running his own consultancy for 10 years, Mike has extensive experience in solution architecture, cloud computing, big data automation, and security.  With a career spanning AT&T, Wells...

Han Ko
Head of Global Marketing

Han Ko has 3 decades of experience in international investment in technology and business scale-up. 

He earned his graduate degrees in the field of engineering. Based on his background, he has successfully launched and operated multiple ventures in U.S.A. and Asia, including USAKO Group, an international VC and Accelerator and an official global partner of S. Korea. His experience includes various venture capital...

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