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Recent Press

Read up on the latest news about Native and find out what we've been  doing recently to help other companies understand their consumers.


Native AI's 'Digital Twins': Making Consumer Insights Interactive in Today's Data-Rich World

With the power of generative AI, you can chat with digital representations of your actual customers in real time


How Native AI is Tackling Bias in Market Research

Combining AI with traditional market research methods can drastically reduce human bias


Bridging the Gap: How Generative AI Startups Like Native AI Are Revolutionizing Customer Feedback

Native AI is bringing crucial generative AI development to the field of brand market research


Native AI Closes $3.5M Seed Round to Disrupt Market Research with Generative AI and Digital Twins

Native equips brands to digitally clone their target customers into test groups, ask them questions and instantly get actionable recommendations


Native AI raises $3.5M to create digital clones of customers using generative AI

The company aims to enable brands to build digital clones of their customers using the power of generative artificial intelligence to answer questions and provide insights. The funding round was led by Jumpstart Ventures and Ivy Ventures, with participation from 11 Tribes Ventures and Connetic Ventures.


2021 In Review: 15 New Investments, 13 States, and 60% Female or Minority Founders

2021 was another challenging year for all of us. Despite the continued disruption to all of our lives, VC continued its tear reaching...


Native.AI Joins MISTA to Drive Growth and Innovation for CPG Brands

Consumer intelligence start-up partners with leading innovation platform to address today’s largest F&B industry challenges...


How Native.AI is Bringing Consumer Data Closer to Manufacturers

The company, which has attracted funding and attention from major players in the CPG industry, uses artificial intelligence...


Native.AI Announces New CTO to Scale AI and NLP Capabilities

Mike Jackson joins fast-growing startup to grow consumer intelligence solutions


Native.AI Launches New Consumer Intelligence Platform

Fast-growing startup secures strategic multi-million pre-seed investments



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