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Capitalize on the white space within your brand market and discover insights that have an impact on consumers


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Native was selected by a leading F&B manufacturer and indoor farm to analyze the competitive landscape for leafy greens and uncover untapped market opportunities. They did this to analyze the market demand for emergent trends in sustainability.

The customer deployed Native's machine learning solutions to monitor consumer feedback and sentiment on up to 10 competitive offerings. The brand quickly unearthed significant demand for more sustainable products. While their competitors were touting the sustainable nature of their offerings, consumers constantly complained online about the wasteful nature of their product packaging and the adverse effects on its produce.

The F&B manufacturer leveraged this insight to inform its packaging and marketing strategy. The company had an untapped niche in the market and quickly took advantage of it, leading to more sales and shelf space. Today, the company stays one step ahead of its competitors by monitoring consumer sentiment through Native’s real-time monitoring.

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