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We've combined all of the solutions you need to understand consumers, predict market trends, and create products with better outcomes.

Digital Twins

AI Generated Insights

Persona Building

Customer Service

Real-time Data Management

Sentiment Analysis

Brand Health Monitoring


Keyword Optimization

Message Generation

White Space Opportunity

And more


Product Cataloging

Sentiment Analysis

Competitive Scouting

And more

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Digital Twins

Ask a digital twin of your target customers

What if you could get better/faster/new insights by cloning your customers?


Our proprietary Digital Twins use generative AI to create clones of your target customers using billions of parameters.


You can ask your custom digital twins specific questions about your products and get unbiased answers back in minutes, compared to the weeks it would take to execute a focus group, survey, etc.

The experience is similar to ChatGPT -> You ask your questions to the digital twins of your desired audience and you get back thousands of responses in seconds that allow you to make decisions about products, services, or just simply better understand the market's demand.

Insights Dashboard

Keep tabs on product, industry,
 and competitor performance from all angles

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Our platform gives you a comprehensive view of how all of your products are performing in market, and how they stack up against the competition. We score your products with a proprietary algorithm fed by a combination of qualitative and quantitative consumer reviews and major retailer data that's updated daily.

These scores, along with competitive watch lists, granular filtering options, and real-time, custom reporting are all available in the dashboard to help you recognize product improvement and white space opportunities as soon as they emerge.

  • Stay ahead one step ahead with industry-level insights and the most up-to-date competitor watchlists.

  • Work with our team of experts to identify brand differentiation, marketing, and whitespace opportunities.

  • Guarantee you get the insights you need with with customizable filtering and reporting options.

Learn more about our actionable insights

Learn more about our actionable insights

Control the specificity of your insights and target clear results by combining your brand's first-party data with our third-party data, and let AI work its magic.

Utilize access to speedy NLP and AI analysis across millions of unbiased consumer reviews from trusted sources. 

Gain an instantaneous, real-time view of how products are performing in the market and where there's opportunity to improve.

Use our proprietary Quality IQ system to score your product on precise qualities and features.

Keep a confident pulse on how your brand is performing in the market and whether your products and language are resonating with the right audiences.

Score your products with Quality IQs and compare your scores with other competitor products to understand what works well and what doesn't.

Identify your strengths, remedy your weaknesses and take advantage of untapped potential within your category.

Use an aggregated analysis of customer conversations to discover opportunities to enhance products and experiences. Consult our in0house experts for help identifying the next big things.

Make data-driven product recommendations and improvements and have confidence that you are filling a real market need. Track industry trends, and choose whether to stay ahead of the curve or to jump on any bandwagons.

Use Digital Twins to generate customer personas based on millions of real customer data points.

Gain a true understanding of your target audiences and their preferences, and use these personals to inform marketing, customer success, and R&D.

Combine the best and most compelling descriptions on e-commerce platforms to generate engaging brand messaging.



Unlock your company's market potential and find out how you can make products better optimized to your customer's needs. Contact us today to learn more about our software solutions and how Native can help.

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